Busch Busch
Busch supplies solutions and service for vacuum pumps and overpressure applications worldwide. A manufacturer of vacuum pumps and systems, the company policy has always been customer orientated, supplying high quality and competitively priced vacuum pump products, as well as excellent technical support and service backup.
Since its founding, CKD has been a pioneer in automation. We have always been anticipating the changing times and adapting our various automatic machinery and automation products to meet the changing needs. Now we offer a vast number of products to users in every industry. By integrating our advanced technologies, we build exceptional know-how into the products we sell. CKD is not afraid of changing times.
Duplomatic Duplomatic
Technological innovation and Customer satisfaction are the strategic points upon which Duplomatic Oleodinamica bases its own company vision for the electro-hydraulics business.
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