3-Axis YVO4 Laser Marker MD-V9900A

Code: 3-Axis YVO4 Laser Marker MD-V9900A

Wavelength: 1064nm

Scan speed: 8000-12000mm / s

Power supply: 100-240VAC

Typefaces: KEYENCE original font (numerical value, alphabet, katakana, hiragana and kanji) / user font / true type font

CODE 39 / ITF / 2of5 / NW7 (Codabar) / JAN / Code128

QR code / micro QR code / DataMatrix (ECC200/GS1 DataMatrix)

GS1 DataBar DataBar/GS1 CC-A/GS1 DataBar Stacked/GS1 DataBar Stacked CC-A/GS1 DataBar Limited/GS1 DataBar Limited CC-A

Custom font, logo (CAD) data and BMP / JPEG / PNG / TIF

Fixed point / straight line / dashed line / circle / oval

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